Sustainability & green vibes

In 2021 we committed to sustainability above all - from our packaging to fabrics and studio practices.

We thought long and hard about what is the future of textiles and fashion... and we decided we need a change! Please read below what makes us so green...!


Made to be recycled

We completely upgraded our packaging - now the gorgeous box and its components are paper (even the sellotape)! So you can just place it in your recycling bin. It also features ribbon made 100% out of recycled plastic waste! Yup, plastic bottles never looked so pretty. 


Fabrics of the future

Our fabrics are now entirely sustainable - bought from fair trade suppliers, organic, recycled, anti-bacterial, biodegradable, or even energy-reducing! Read about each exciting fabric in the tab on each product. Good textiles that planet loves!


One man's trash...

We worked tirelessly to change the practices in the studio. From our famous re-used junk mail & packing paper ironed and patched up into pattern paper, all the way to re-purposed broken jewelry beads and appliques from thrift shops... Even our models wear used shoes. Upcycled is the new cool.

We're still producing everything by hand in one studio in the UK. Everything is handmade in the smallest quantities in exclusive, loose fits to compliment every body.

Smart design + high quality = long-lasting design to stay with you for years!

But that's not all - here are few more things we cooked up:


∙ Fabric scraps are turned into scrunchies you can buy!  Means zero waste going to landfill!

∙ The unwanted old collection is being donated rather than thrown away. More ways to eliminate waste! (Plus make someone happy)

∙ All clothes are made in non-seasonal minicollections that don't follow trends or occasions - they will be beautiful no matter how much time passes

∙ New jewelry is made to order, so nothing is ever made in excess

∙ We dye our Bamboo silks with low-impact dyes! That means unique colors with minimal harm to the environment

∙ We shoot with models of all sizes, races, and cultures... and NEVER digitally alter their bodies! We believe everyone is perfect just as they are

We're still learning every day how can we improve... Watch this space to see our green journey!