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What is sustainable fashion?

Simply put, sustainable fashion is designed and made in a way that protects the environment and the people involved in the production. It's a holistic approach that focuses on making fashion more in peace with the world, with transparency and empathy.

Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion, by producing less and cultivating more mindful shopping. It's similar to sustainable fashion but puts more effort into reducing consumption and production more specifically.

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What is slow fashion?

Our products are made from ethically sourced organic raw materials, purchased from small, artisan weavers. Each material is dyed and printed in-house by hand and to order, making each unique and not something that can be imitated.


The garments are then sewn by maker with over a decade of experience to provide a high, long-lasting quality that you can feel in every stitch.


When made, the items are carefully packed in 100% recyclable packaging hand-picked to complement every design. Every piece is a work of art, from our studio to your hands.

How are we
sustainable & slow?

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Happy World

Small scale production only on demand with eco-conscious studio practices

Low impact

Fully recyclable packaging, delivered using courier with lowest carbon footprint in UK


Handmade by the artist using traditional, artisan methods and never mass-manufactured


No animal product used in supplies or during sewing, as well as no leather or fur produce


Fabrics used come from organic farmers using organic processes

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Fair Work

No child labour or human trafficking involved


Fabrics are made of natural fibres subtracted from plants


Dyes used for colouring are safe and free from AZO

The process

Our process:


First comes the design - we always design clothes that are comfortable and practical.

We create a sample to show the design, however, we don't produce more until the order for specific size. That way there isn't any excess.

Then we order the fabrics - we work with a certified small supplier, specializing in organic, fair trade, raw fabrics.  We never work with mills with questionable ethical standards or the ones that cannot prove their eco-standards. 

Fabrics are then dyed by in-house using low-impact dyes on all natural fibres, what means they are safe and free of harmful chemicals like AZO.

When the fabric is colored, we then print the designs. We create own screens with unique designs. Only using eco-friendly inks. Colours are re-used and re-mixed for the collection, so we don't dispose excess inks into the water system.

Then the pieces are sewn in the studio. We work with strong threads and high quality accessories to give the clothes a long life. Each piece is made fully by hand, so no two are the same. 

With this process we can offer you authentically unique, artisan pieces that are true to our mission.

Rose Corps is about seeking transparency and accountability, and that’s what led us to this strict sustainable mission, that is mindfully created by hand with passion and love. Ask us anytime about proof & data sheets to testify our work.

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