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Summer Edit

Summer helps us reconnect with nature, as we spend more time outdoors. That's why we draw our inspiration from natural landscapes.

Made in organic fibres & bold colours inspired by the botanical gardens - our pieces are designed to be a perfect summer companion.

The natural fabrics offer breathability in the hot summer, but I hope you'll enjoy these pieces season after season.


Nolani Suit

A loose & effortlessly chic kimono with comfortable & heat-ready shorts.


Gaia Dress

Playful shape, voluminous sleeves finished with ditsy hand embroidered flowers.

098-ac gaia.jpg
107-ac adibeh.jpg

Adibeh Dress

Stunning strapless design with full skirt and large ties, made to order in silky bamboo .


Cora Dress

An ultimate fantasy dress made for romanticizing life - served in delicious pink.

102a nolani white.jpg

Mehari Dress

Inspired by slow cottage living, Mehari is easy-to-wear with a stunning volume.

095-aa cora.jpg

Noemie Dress

Cottagecore inspired gingham dress designed for the lovers of countryside .

106-ac mehari.jpg
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