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Size guide

Q: Are garments made in my size?

A: In 2019 I started introducing multiple sizing options, so our new collection gives you a wider size choice. Please refer to the table above to know which one of these sizes is the best for you. If unsure, just drop me a message and I can help you!

Some garments, like bomber jackets, are so loose and oversized, they only come in one size. Check out the Size tab to see what range of sizes it's suitable for.

Always refer to the "Size & fit" section on the product page, it gives you an idea of a recommended minimum and maximum size fitted, but it's best to refer to measurements as well, as everybody is different!

Q: How to read measurements?

A: You can find the detailed measurements of the garment on every item in the shop - the numbers are given in cm. An important thing to keep in mind is that those are the measurements of the garment, not the body (for ex. chest will refer to flat measurement of the top of the garment, so it will fit you perfectly if your bust/chest measurement is similar and/or smaller). 

When stuck between two sizes - choose a size up (if clothing) or size down (if lingerie).

It's best to know your own body measurements, so you have more control over ordering the perfect fitting garment online; you can take them yourself with measuring tape, or ask for assistance in some of the local boutiques or fabric shops. Here's an illustrated guide on how to measure yourself: view.

Q: What if I'm still unsure, or my measurements don't match the ones above?

A: Rose Corps is always designing the garments to fit a bigger variety of body sizes and shapes, clothes most often come in a loose or oversized fit, or have elasticity for better comfort. The majority of clothes can be worn by a vast variety of sizes, thanks to smart design and comfortable fit. Just send me your measurements or the size of your favorite garment and I can help you match the best size for you!

Q: What if I like the garment, but it doesn't fit me?

A: I offer free minor alternations - for example shortening the skirt, taking shirt in or adding extra buttons or tie backs, so garment fits your body better. Keep in mind that making clothes smaller is easy - making them larger will involve introducing other fabrics and materials to fill in the gaps. Make sure to inquire first before placing an order to make sure the alternation you have in mind is possible!

You can also request a special order and any item made especially for your size! Click here to learn more.

Q: Do you plan to do sizes bigger than L/XL?

A: I surely am, and I'm hoping to create a whole new plus-size line for upcoming collections. However at the moment, I'm creating items based on feedback and past work experience with customers to determine the most popular sizes to make, so currently, my sizes range between small and large. If you'd like me to create something for you in different sizes - please request a custom made via this page. I can draft a pattern exactly for your body, so there are no size restrictions. 

Q: Will your clothes fit me if I'm a man/have a male body?

A: I'm thrilled to design for the LGBT+ community and if your body does not fit within the standard female size table, the measurements will vary - most of the clothes labeled as loose fitted will be a perfect fit, however, tighter clothes & lingerie might need comparing the measurements.

Please message me so I can advise you on the right fit and/or alter the clothes for your body type.


In case of any questions please contact me &

I'm sure we can resolve all the size issues together!