Elora dress


Elora dress

  • Introducing Self Love minicollection, designed and made to celebrate the very person you are and all that you've overcame. This Valentine's Day is all about self-care, so put on our extra comfortable and ultra-feminine loungewear and toast to the very best person in your life - you!


    It's our last standard collection, designed in 2020, a symbol of never-ending romance between handmade craftsmanship and body-positive values. It's more than work to us - it's a love letter to our amazing customers.


    Bring a little spring charm even to the darkest winter days with this delightfully floral maxi dress. Loose shape with satin-smooth finish giving you the movement worthy of a queen.


    • Belt loops and removable sash included
    • Hidden pockets on the side (Yes, pockets!)
    • Adjustable straps for the best fit
    • Opaque and thick satin fabric, perfect for a night out
    • Side slits exposing that sexy legs of yours


    All items are fully made and decorated by hand in my studio, only one copy available.


    Handmade in the UK