Aquilla tutu dress


Aquilla tutu dress

  • Ultimate festival dress adding handfull of magic to any look.  Bottom is a super full, princess-worthy tutu, finished with satin ribbon on a signature wide hem. Dress is also perfect for clubbing as holographc stars shine in all colours of rainbow when in artificial lighting, differently each time. See for yourself!


    • Shirred, elastic top complimenting every unique body
    • Super full, tutu like bottom designed for dancing all day
    • Sheer black tulle fabric with star pattern, easy to style over everyday outfit


    The stiff fabric, however beautiful comes with slightly rough texture. Satin ribbon finish makes it more comfortable, howevery if you have sensitive skin - I recommend wearing over a top or bodysuit. 


    All items are fully made and decorated by hand in my studio, only one copy available.


    Handmade in the UK