Spectaculat movement flying fabric of the maxi dress by Rose Corps


Kalea dress

  • Maxi dress in the stunning blush color, ornamented with handcrafted floral motifs featuring PVC flower petals, gems, and handmade marble beads that move right with you.

    • Loose fit with an elasticated waist to shape and compliment the curves
    • Sexy low-cut neckline with thin spaghetti straps exposing skin
    • Front of the dress is slightly shorter to support easy movement while walking
    • Dress features two long, showstopping slits that give you cheeky exposure
    • Fabric is opaque and matt with the most amazing drape, making it move like it's red-carpet-moment


    All items are fully made and decorated by hand in my studio, only one copy available.


    Handmade in the UK