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Why co-ords are the best

Celebrating release of new Khalila Suit let's have a look at the best co-ord looks from the runways and why two-piece is twice-as-fun!


Ok, so what is Co-ord?

short form of coordinate : one of two or more pieces of clothing that are made in matching colours or styles so that they can be worn together. (source)

I released new one just recently, combining sold out Primrose Trousers and current undefeated best seller: kimono! Put a little teal magic on it and what do you get....?

khalila suit handmade in the great britain by rose corps

But there is so much to love about co-ords and according to big designer names, they are IN! Let's take a little tour through the runways to find inspiration from Fashion Weeks around the world.

summer 2022 co-ord trend

prefall 2022 co-ord trend

resort 2023 co-ord trend

It's not a surprise that co-ords are all over the runways, but which one is your favourite?


And well, there's another thing I love about co-ords - it's a look that keeps on giving! You can easily separate the pieces to effortlessly create unlimited looks, check out some options below:

How would you style it? I'd love to hear your suggestions!


Images & info from:

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