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Valentine's Day Outfits Inspiration

Ok, so call me basic, but I LOVE Valentine's day! I used to put so much pressure on myself with having the most perfect Love Story in existence, and only a few years back I took a step back and learned to appreciate how much love there is to celebrate in the little things.

The love for my partner, pets, my friends, myself.... So this year I take it as just that, a great opportunity to have a fun day with the ones I love, less pressure for sure. Or just to get dressed up, really, as I work from home these years and jump on any opportunity to doll up.

As I sit here wondering what could I do for Valentine's day, I made myself one promise - to wear something made by me & sustainably accessorized this year!

Have a look at three looks I tried on in preparation for the big day, not having the slightest clue what I'd be doing.

PS: Excuse my hair, I was totally convinced I can cut my own hair and pretty much gave myself the Matilda look. Can't even curl it, as it quickly turns into Lord Farquad.


For the first look, I went with Cora, because I can bet anything it would be my boyfriend's first choice, as he always love the princess looks on me. Plus it doesn't require layering, it's one of the simply-throw-on kind of looks I'm obsessed with.

For what seems to be a cold February coming our way, a midi dress would be the only choice for me personally, but it was a hard choice over Aurora dress. Paired with a sweetheart neckline and puffy sleeves, it still feels very fresh and spring-ready, which instantly gives me a pop of dopamine I desperately need in this weather. I could imagine going on a casual date filled with antique shopping and walks in the park wearing this lovely design.

I also love wearing Cora, it gives out very joyful energy and the bubble gum pink is a wonderful way to brighten the day. My old goth self ravaged with teenage angst never wore pink, but had lots of looks like that saved on my Pinterest. Now that I'm hitting 30s I can honestly say, I'm wearing my old self's dream dress!

Inspiration: Tammy, Stylist, Sara Louise Thomas


My second look makes me feel very grown up, the colours especially give me a very modern, city-girl vibe. Our new and revised Savannah is a gorgeous blush pink dress for any occasion, but I can especially see myself dancing in it - with the extra volume and slits on the front, it moves beautifully and gracefully. In fact, bamboo is perfect for movement (and photos). My boyfriend is not a dancing type, to save his life, so it's definitely something I'd wear for a night out with my best friend, who is drawn to the dancefloor the second we leave home.

I always wanted to take my bestie out for a delicious dinner and dancing, and I know she would've loved this Valentine's day outfit!

I was dying to wear it with this vintage man's blazer, a nice contrast to a very feminine silhouette. Plus the jacket is mad warm, which again - is a must-have for me. The dress actually have ties in the waist, but I also found this belt in matching colour, so thought I will treat myself.

Inspiration: Darja Brannik, Jessica Skye, Sarah Christine


The last look is definitely the comfiest one for me, and it can be dressed up and down. Nolani kimono inspired me with that juicy brick red colour, while the print made me think of those super fun trousers I found in a charity shop.

It's such an electric look, it makes me want to hit a quirky pub with live music and talk the night away. Wish I had some 70s boots to complete the look, but gold hoops will have to cut it.

I'm obsessed with looks like that because after squeezing myself into cocktail dresses in my 20s, being the quirky auntie is my calling now. Plus the loose kimono is great if you like to eat your body weight in restaurants, like me.

This look would look amazing with a black corset underneath it for a spicier and more confident look, but I love the feeling of bamboo silk on my skin - so it's just kimono for me!

Inspiration: Emili Sindlev, Walk in Wonderland, Fashionista


Let me know which one is your favourite and check my Instagram to see what look wins the pool!

Wish you all a very love-filled Valentine's Day and I cannot wait to see what you're wearing and what is on the menu for the day!

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