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Supporting women during Covid-19 (2020)

Updated: Jan 18


”I am reliant upon my abuser to get food and medication as shielding for 12 weeks. This is being used against me.”

“Being isolated takes away your support system. We don’t normally stay at home we’re out as much as possible in case he decides to turn up. But during this time, we’re stuck inside and there’s only a front door between us if he decides to try and kick it in again.”

We all struggle in a lockdown, but imagine being locked down with your biggest fears.

  • 67% women said abuse got worse during the outbreak

  • 72% said, their abuser have more control over their life.

That's why we are determined to send help to Women's Aid and support their mission. We will donate at least 10% from every item sold and share the receipt with you!

We believe there's no company small enough, and now with your help - we can show that we are the strongest together. #SupportSurvivors

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