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Spring/summer 22 trends

Let's have a look at the runways together, I'd love to share with you my favourite trends for this spring!

Seeing as it's getting warmer outside (at least in the UK), my head is spinning with all the summer dresses waiting to be rocked. Weather you're looking for new inspiration, or wardrobe refresh after spring cleaning - check out these BIG trends of 2022.

Summer is all about the colours, so dumb your neutrals and beiges, and go for dopamine popping, total colour look! If you feel like combining - wear contrasting strong colours like Rothka, but if you don't feel comfortable mixing - just wear head to toe block look like Bottega Veneta.


This season let's turn big openings into great exits! Great news for everyone who loves to layer, as long & dramatic backs are in. When searching for light layers for the colder days, try bolder, printed options. That's an easy way to elevate your basics, like tee & jeans into statement look.


Big and puffy dresses with extra volume are an absolute power statement this spring! Either extra full skirts, or super full sleeves - more is more! Best part of extra full garments is comfort on these sunny days.


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