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Spring / Summer 2023 trends

Let's talk Spring/Summer fashion! If you're like me and look forward to warmer months to really express yourself with your style, take a look below at trends that will dominate this season.

Whether you're looking for new pieces to add to your closet, or simply seek inspiration for styling - there will be something to love.


Flowers return as a trend in 2023, but with a more dramatic impact! Forget your ditsy daisy dress and opt in for large, botanical prints and shapes growing out of your clothing.

Yeah, perhaps a giant plant growing on your chest is not an everyd

ay look your office manager will be thrilled about, but you can replace it with large, bold floral print that draws attention to details. Our Willow dress does it on a smaller, more digestible scale.

Check out the designers: Kudos/Soduk, Loewe and Richard Quinn



I'm actually thrilled about this one, as I missed out on it last time it was trending!

SS23 looks set to be one very sexy season with boudoir detailing at the forefront of eveningwear. - Glamour

You can go with as little as lace detail around your summer dress to add a little bit of a flirty, suggestive accent. Stylists go as deep as stockings on show, lace gloves, and silky robes to make the most of this femme fatale trend. It gives me strong noir heroine vibes, that scream confidence!

My choice this season will surely be layering a lace vest over my summer dresses and tops, as I don't like showing too much skin - and there are so many gorgeous vintage nighties in charity shops!

Check out the designers: Fetico, Dominnico, Jordan Dalah



Carrying on the feminine and romantic trend report, we arrive at ruffles! They add a romantic and joyful accent to any dress, and also give the garment a stunning movement.

Depending on your body type, ruffles can shift weight, elevate curves and even alter your height. But if you're like me, and don't really shop based on body type, you will love the added volume ruffles offer. Just makes you want to dance!

As a designer, I love adding ruffles, especially on mid-length sleeves, like on Gaia dress, or mid-skirt for extra fullness, like the double set on Jade.

Check out the designers: Romance Was Born, Alexander McQueen, Kris Goyri



Add a belt or tie to everything, and make it into a bow! But when it comes to 2023 trends - the bigger, the better!

Designers add a bow accent to anything, without missing special occasion clothes with bows decorating shoulders and waist. A Beautiful tie can turn a store-bought garment into a whole new design while creating a beautiful hourglass figure or adding a contrasting accessory.

I'd be silly not to mention our bamboo silk kimonos with an extra long tie, creating a unique and chic bow on the front or back of your outfit. I sometimes even remove it and tie it over my jeans instead of wearing a belt, it ties the outfit together (pun!) and adds more romantic detail.

Check out the designers: Erdem, Susan Fang, Yohji Yamamoto



A sharp suit, especially in a neutral colour, is a big one this season. It's a great alternative if you're not a girly girl when it comes to clothing. It also offers a perfect layering alternative for those of us who aren't lucky enough to live in a warm climate.

Instead of highly fitted, sexy suits, think more of a "stolen from your boyfriend" comfy and relaxed style, with an oversized blazer and loose, tomboy trousers. Paired with gold jewellery and sleek hair it quickly becomes more feminine and soft, and it screams refined & put-together, which is the energy I need this summer.

I'm a sucker for a good suit, and I'm so thrilled that skinny trousers and a blazer are not the only option, as my big belly doesn't allow me to slay that fit. I'm so excited to invest in a good beige summer suit to mix and match with tops, shirts, and dresses! Easy to find on the men's section of charity shop too.

Check out the designers: Ralph Lauren, House of Dagmar, Bite Studios


Seems like this spring/summer is dominated by feminine and playful styles, celebrating the soft and flirty. Let me know how do you feel about the list and if you'd be shopping for anything trendy this season!

All photos from Vogue Runway.

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