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Gritty in Pink - read our interview with 'Cene magazine

"How do you manufacture the unexpected? You can’t. Nor can you bottle surprise or fabricate the ‘stumbled upon’. It just ‘is’. And that’s why, when it happens, it’s absolute dynamite.

To us, Rose Corps was just that. Following up on an email from a university fashion group, ‘cene uncovered an absolute aptronym – an entity that is perfectly described by its name. 

Rose Corps pairs pink power and elegant embroidery with a sharp streetwear edge, just as its flower namesake is coupled with the spike of the thorns. [...] "

Continue reading in 'Cene issue 14 or HERE

'Cene magazine is all about supporting local artists and empowering the free voice of independent, give them some love & maybe consider checking out their fantastic artists:

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