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6 Colours of the year 2023

Colour is such a big part of Rose Corps, as we use raw organic fabrics which come in plain white, colouring them is a huge part of breathing life into the design.

My designs don't come to be before I decide on the colour, as the colour sets the mood - you can not only express yourself with colour, but even change your energy.

That's why I couldn't wait to share with you the colours of the year 2023 in fashion, as colour is an inspiration for what the future will bring! I scouted 2023 fashion weeks and looked for any colour that stands up, as well as read about colour prediction based on our social climate.

A certain color has the ability to soothe your frazzled nerves, agitate a hostile adversary, motivate and empower you to take action, and also to bring healing energy when you need it. As Wassily Kandinsky proclaimed, “Color provokes a psychic vibration. Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body.”

Healing Power of Art

1. The bold take on royal blue was a no-brainer - as designers were obsessed with that shade this season. With Giorgio Armani designing entire show to explore shades of blue in magical ombre transition of looks, and Off-White even choosing Electric Blue to cover the entire runway.

What I love is the meaning behind that choice -

These Glowing colors are the ultimate visual indicator that we have reached a tipping point, not just for coral reefs, but for the planet. For the first time in human history, we are on the verge of losing a major planetary ecosystem, and only urgent global action on a local and global level will prevent this from happening.

Richard Vevers, CEO and founder of The Ocean Agency

This colour is fuelled by the need for the protection of our oceans, and that's why I decided to add it to our custom colour collection - you can now order any tailor-made garment in Royal Blue, plus our dyes are safe for the water & all the creatures that live in it!

2. Digital Lavender was named the colour of the year 2023 by WGSN in collaboration with Coloro - meaning purple comes back next year as the leading shade!

Representing wellness and digital escapism. Recuperative rituals will become a top priority for consumers who want to protect and improve their mental health, and Digital Lavender will connect to this focus on wellbeing, offering a sense of stability and balance. Research suggests that colours with a shorter wavelength, such as Digital Lavender, evoke calmness and serenity.


If you love this colour, that's great! Our lilac is a perfect lavender option and you can request any Rose Corps garment to be made in it! Or you can choose Moira, our beautiful lavender dress, made to be comfortable and practical, promoting your well-being and easy living!

3. Warm shades of mellow-yellow, with tones of ochre and golden sunset were named the colour of 2023 by Dulux, a paint company! In their words, this is how this colour was selected:

To make sure we select a Colour of the Year that feels relevant and timely, we undertake rigorous global research. Every year, we host a Trend Forecast and ask a panel of international design experts to share their insights about what will be influencing the way we live over the next few years. By understanding where the world is heading, we can respond with a colour that matches the mood of the moment.

Designers bring this shade as a neutral, warm base for their Spring 23 collections, often portrayed on POC models, as it compliments the deeper skin tones. But it's a lovely tone to bring into any wardrobe, as yellow is commonly associated with happiness and hope.

I never liked yellow in its pure form, but with a touch of ochre, it creates this sunny, happy and dopamine-popping cocktail to elevate your mood and ensure good energy all day! You can see our take on Warm Yellow on our delicious Lilla dress!

4. Raspberry blush is common in forecasts for both interiors and fashion - in fact, it was listed as one of the colours of the year 2023 by Benjamin Moore, so popular that there is even a song by the same title, as a part of their collaboration with Chromeo.

As in interior design it spells optimism and bold extravagancy, in fashion it has more of a rebellious tone, breaking the stigma of pink being called the colour of weak, and red as a colour of sex. Blush mixes the strengths of masculinity and the mystical power of femininity.

5. Ok, so confession time - I was a bit biased in choosing Verdigris to feature here. It wasn't as apparent on the runways, but it's one of the colours of the year 2023 listed in collaboration between WGSN x Coloro, and I'm beyond obsessed with this shade.

I found beautiful examples of this colour on Mexico Spring 2023 shows, like this stunningly tranquil one by Julia y Renata.

Teal has very deep meaning, and people who prefer teal have tendencies of being loners, who truly understand the true value of individuality and personality. It might be considered reserved, but it's in fact about personal growth and enrichment.

If you're familiar with my collection, it won't come as a surprise I love Verdigris - it's featured on Kimono no. 2, Willow dress, Khalila set and even Jade - one of the very first sustainable pieces I have ever made. I also offer this colour as one of the colour choices for tailor-made garments and it proves to be very popular, which I think is very interesting considering the deep meaning of this often-forgotten shade.

6. And lastly - an accent colour! How do you feel about neons? I think I have a love/hate relationship with neon tones, but I love the spring 2023 take on the neutral silhouettes with a pop of Love Bird neon green.

This unique mix of yellow and, well... tennis ball green, is an amazing wait to elevate boring outfits and instantly look more futuristic. In fact, it popped in the forms of sportswear by Balenciaga, combat boots at Moschino, fluorescent leggings by Raf Simons and even dominated Fendi's runway, climaxing at head-to-toe neo-dream look that instantly stole the hearts of celebrities, like Heart Evangelista.

Summing up, next year's colours are deeply rooted in our need for self-care and self-expression, and next year seems colourful and playful!

If you're not a colour person, don't worry! Black and natural shades are featured in almost any fashion show, and balancing them with colours of the year 2023 is an easy way to look current without pretending to be something you're not.

How do you feel about the colours - which one is your favourite, and which one you already own? Let me know!


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