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5 Ways To Look Expensive Like a Boss!

What does luxury mean to you? Do you see some of the girls on the streets, or in your office and feel the quality?

Luxury changed so much with the growth of sustainability and social values, according to Claudia D’Arpizio, partner at Bain & Company

Where once it was all about status, logos and exclusivity, luxury brands are now actors in social conversations, driven by a renewed sense of purpose and responsibility.

So how to translate this into your life and be THAT girl?

1 Quality fabrics

There's nothing more tacky than cheap, clingy, and visibly synthetic fabrics - instead choose high-quality, natural and ethically grown fabrics. Good bamboo silk kimono will compliment your body with a luxurious drape, and a high thread count cotton dress can make you feel and look more expensive.

2 Solid colour

Colorful clothes require confidence, and there is nothing more appealing that a confident, empowered woman. If you're not sure what colour to wear - check colour theory to match your mood, or request a dress made in colour that matches your skin. If you need an instant confidence booster, try nicely balanced red or orange - they will make you the light of the party!

3 Take your basics to new level

Looking expensive is not all about cocktail dresses - you can easily level up your tee & jeans with a trendy jacket, kimono or gold jewellery. Invest into mix & match co-ords that can be dressed up and down with your favourite pieces you already own!

4 Choose to be comfortable

We can all spot a girl who is not comfortable, either wearing painful high heels or too tight clothes... When you feel comfortable you exude confidence, and nothing looks more expensive that a woman comfortable in her own skin. Choose loosely fitted dresses and oversized jackets to look good and feel ready for your day. Organically grown fabrics with natural roots will always go well with your skin and help you survive the heat.

5 Go big with prints

Just like with colour - big prints look very confident and easily steal the show. But artistic and high-quality graphic prints are the winner here, you want to wear something that looks like an artist painted it just for you! Try silk printed kimonos with unique designs to stand out and look like a masterpiece!


Looking expensive is not a new invention, but what makes you look luxurious has never been more personal.

Remember that your confidence and values make you THAT girl, so follow your heart and wear what makes you happy with your head held high!

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