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4 Things to love about Autumn 2022

If you're a summer person like me, you dread the seasonal blues coming with short days and rainy weather.

You cannot control the seasons, but you can control your thoughts. That's why I'm obsessed with finding things to get excited about this September.

As George Eliot said:

Is not this a true autumn day? Just the still melancholy that I love—that makes life and nature harmonize

This nostalgic slow living is definitely something to look forward to, and together we can look at the wonderful things Autumn has to offer. Including insatiable Autumn Fashion 2022.

1. Cosy evenings in

Taking a break from everyday chaos and simply being comfortable. Surrounded by candlelight and a ton of throws & pillows, while catching up on reading, watching TV, or just practicing your breathing.

Get comfortable with oversized knitted clothes, like our recycled cotton vest made in snuggly, chunky yarn. Perfect long for self-care evening.

2. Dark and gloomy colours

There's so much to love about dopamine colours, but I simply cannot wait for dark mulberry autumn nails, rich cherry lips & dark chocolate hair. Indulge your witchy, wicked side with deep rusty red kimono and black lace dresses, throwing you right in the depths of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's best fashion moments.

3. Dark magic and witches

Halloween is coming and it's honestly my favourite holiday! Easily worth a few Christmases and Birthdays... I know that sounds extreme, but it's hard not to love the creepy themes evoking your inner dark side. Sadly, I'm no longer in the age of treat or tricking, but there's nothing stopping us from exploring favourite horror fashion moments in style.

My favorite one is still The Wicked Cute, innocently dressed with a dark secret. Choose a victorian, feminine gingham dress and pair it with vampire fangs & bloody fingernails to take the cute but psycho to a whole new level of terror. Plus you don't need to throw away your dress afterward!

3. Spill the tea

With pub gardens losing their appeal in windy, rainy weather, turn to a warm cup of homemade chai tea. With a delicious selection of spiced apples and cinnamon vanilla blends, it's really tempting to take a break and stop for a second.

Plus, you can take it one step further, and celebrate with your friends by throwing a mini tea party. Served caramel pralines and cinnamon buns, what a delicious way to connect with your loved ones.

With loose-fitted, but still glamorous cotton dresses, you don't have to worry about the pressures of beach body and simply focus on what makes you happy right here and right now.

I hope you feel more excited about the upcoming season after these highlights. To celebrate this witchy and unique season, Rose Corps released its first minicollection - it's designed for Autumn, but can be enjoyed all year round. View all the pieces now!

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