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Girl sitting on a pink fabric wearing blue kimono for women and loose blue trousers

How we make 
our clothes

Rose Corps was born out of the love for making clothes, and today we still handmake, hand print & hand dye each piece. We believe that fashion should be more personal, that's why we offer you bespoke, lovingly made-to-order pieces created using traditional techniques and the highest quality materials.

Design process

As a midsize woman-owned brand we know the struggle of how unpractical fashion can be. When designing we don't just focus on the beauty, but also comfort - from elasticated bodices and loose tummy areas, to pockets, wide straps hiding the bra and lined bodice for an opaque finish. We don't follow trends, instead we champion slow fashion and personal style, where self expression is the key to the joy of dressing.

Our fabrics

Every project starts with the perfect fabric, we only work with sustainable materials with certification proving their low impact and responsible sourcing. We use organic fabrics that are soft, comfortable & durable - ensuring you'll feel good in them even when worn against bare sensitive skin.

Organic cotton fabric in white
Hand holding a fabric over a bowl of dye


We dye each piece in-house. We use fibre reactive dyes, that directly change the build of the fabric itself rather than adding a chemical layer over it. This offers more long-lasting and durable effect, that can be machine washed & it's safe against skin. Our dyeing process is  95% more environmentally friendly that standard dyeing techniques and our dyes are vegan, heavy metals and AZO's free & not tested on animals.

Colour is at the heart of our brand, we believe it's the key to feeling confident in your clothes and loving the way you look. That's why we offer 20 custom colour options, while constantly experimenting & testing new unique shades. 


We use traditional technique of screen printing, manually applied to each individual garment. This involves creating a reusable screen (a stencil) that gets coated with an ink. Each screen is based on our original drawings, creating designs that are unique to our brand. We use water-based inks, which are safer for the environment and the printers. The ink then is set in high heat making it permanent and safe to wear and wash.

Person screen printing a floral design onto a fabric
Person sewing on a sewing machine


Finally we get to sewing - each garment is handmade in our UK studio by our designer & founder, Naomi. We use soft and high quality thread to ensure each piece will be long-lasting, while working with an array of stitching techniques helping preserve each piece, so it can be with you for a long time. Our clothes are never outsourced, that way we can make them more bespoke and personal, each made with care and love.

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