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Rose Corps is a sustainable slow-fashion label based in the UK. 

The brand brings colour to ethical fashion with hand-printed and hand-dyed clothes.

Our new collections are made, dyed & printed to order exclusively in our studio using organic cotton and bamboo, offering more authentic choice that can be personalized for the customers.

We're always open to partner with unique and inspiring boutiques.

For physical stockists we offer pay-as-you-sell option, meaning you can take as many, or as little designs as you want and only pay for them when they sell.

We are also open to work with on-line marketplaces, pop-up shops and more on commission basis.




As the garments are made and coloured in our studio, we can offer fully custom service just for your store and create lines that fit with your clients in the colours that compliment your curation.

Whether it's a longer length, different neckline, shorter sleeves... - we can create designs in any of the colours below, finished with personalized label letting your clients know the pieces are unique and exclusive to you.