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I'm Naomi - a founder, and designer behind Rose Corps.

I started sewing clothes when I was about 12, shopping for furnishing remnants and stitching them by hand every night. That granted me not only the most outlandish look in my hometown but also a passion for fashion design.

After I graduated International School of Costume & Fashion Design in Warsaw, Poland, I finally decided to travel abroad to find my forever place. Big love story & two dogs later, I fell in love with England's countryside, where I turned our spare bedroom into my studio and with a racing heart, decided to start a clothing brand.

I resented the mass-manufactured fast fashion industry, so I really wanted to create something personal and focused on the art of making clothes, considerate of nature that has given me all the inspiration over the years.

Rose Corps officially became a sustainable fashion brand in 2020, when I started to dye and print my own fabrics. Today it's still my passion project that I pour my heart in every day. I hope to share that love with you and help spread the joy of sustainable, conscious, made by hand fashion.


We are a luxury sustainable fashion brand based in the UK, focused on artisan clothing uniquely handcrafted for each customer & made with love for the planet. Rose Corps celebrates the art of making clothes ethically and with purpose, focused on comfort and high quality.

Founded in 2017 out of passion for creating clothes, our products are handcrafted individually for each order to make each one personal and precious, with love for our customers and the planet.

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