Luxury sustainable fashion brand based in the UK, focused on artisan clothing uniquely handcrafted for each customer, made with love for the planet. Rose Corps celebrates the art of making clothes ethically and with purpose, focused on comfort and high quality.

Founded in 2017 out of passion for creating garments.  Clothes are handcrafted individually for each order to make each product personal and precious, with love for our customers and the planet.

"I was fed up with the lack of accountability and personality in fashion, that’s why I created an authentic and strictly sustainable line that delivers honest artistic expression while being conscious about the environment. I looked inwards and asked myself “is this true, is this revolutionary, is this something I’m proud of, can I do better”. I seek transparency and accountability, and that’s what led me to this strict sustainable mission, that is mindfully created by hand with passion and love." - Naomi (Founder)

Naomi is the designer and founder at Rose Corps. 

I loved creating the unexpected since I was 12, shopping for cheap remnants after school and stitching them by hand every night. I never wanted what I can get, I wanted something that nobody had. Since then, I've been chasing my lifelong dream of being a fashion designer, and in the process of learning about the industry – an activist for a greener, more ethical future.



A former student of the International School of Fashion Design from Poland, turned eco-fashion lover & ethical activist. She's behind every idea and step on the way - from sketching a design and drafting a pattern, through sewing, embroidering, photographing all the way to packing it personally for every customer.

Please let me know if you'd like to chat, I'm always here for you.